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We’ve Got Baby Boomers on the Brain

What constitutes a Baby Boomer? Anyone might have their own definition, but generally Baby Boomers are thought to be people born between the years 1946 and 1963.

Baby Boomers are the people who lived through the Cold War, who remember the day JFK was assassinated, who heard the Beatles and Elvis on the radio – extraordinary times for an extraordinary generation of people.


Now, many Boomers are growing older and facing both the joys and difficulties of age – but things aren’t the same now as they always were.

Phones are attached to everyone’s hand; gasoline sure isn’t less than a dollar per gallon; and for Baby Boomers, maybe going for a run or bike ride isn’t as easy now as it was at 20 years old.

Having the freedom to be mobile and to exercise is a gift that not every Baby Boomer (or every person of any generation) has.

At American Eagle Cycles, our purpose is to provide that freedom to individuals who cannot easily be mobile. And now, we truly want to hear about issues with freedom or mobility from you.

Do you wish you could ride along with your granddaughter as she learns to ride her first bike? Maybe you want to stay social and go cycling with a group of friends who still bike together every Sunday morning. Or maybe you just miss getting out and getting your exercise comfortably, without having to worry about injury.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you are a Baby Boomer, or even if you know and love a Baby Boomer, we want you to jump in on the discussion! Any stories, thoughts, or feelings you may have on the topic, we want to hear.

Please comment below with any thoughts you may have about freedom and mobility! We would love to speak with the very individuals that inspired our cycle to discuss your wants and needs. If you would like to give a more detailed account or give personal feedback PLEASE EMAIL ME AT

That’s what we were thinking…Now let us know what you’re thinking.


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Blog Series Intro: What Were They Thinking?

Curious about American Eagle Cycles, Inc. or our Freedom Classic cycle?

We don’t blame you! Our custom cycle is unlike any other and there are plenty of questions to ask, such as:

What is an adult tricycle, anyways? What makes the Freedom Classic any different? How in the world could this cycle help me? What makes it more comfortable or safer than a regular old bike? How did American Eagle Cycles, Inc. get started?

What excellent questions! Never fear, equally as excellent answers will be coming to you shortly in the form of…a blog series.

That’s right, right here on the American Eagle Cycologist we will be publishing our first blog series titled, “What Were They Thinking?” The series will take our readers through all the amazing features of the Freedom Cycle, the background of American Eagle Cycles, Inc., and more!

So make sure to follow our blog at and keep up with our monthly posts!

Otherwise, you’ll still have a lot of excellent questions and no excellent answers, and that’s not very helpful, is it?

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Cape Cod Cycle Tour

American Eagle Cycles will be hitting the road on June 9th for a tour around Cape Cod! AE Cycles will be going to several different bicycle rental shops along Cape Cod to showcase the Freedom Classic.

Among these popular rental shops are Arnold’s Bike Shop, PTown Bikes, and Mike’s Rental Bike Shop.

PTown bikes

The first stop will be PTown Bikes, located at 42 Bradford St in Provincetown, at 11 a.m. Around 12:30 p.m., our second stop will be Arnold’s Bike Shop, located at 329 Commercial St. Provincetown, to let patrons take a ride on our one-of-a-kind cycle! At 3 p.m., we will visit Mike’s Bike Rental Shop located at 8 Canal Rd in Orleans, Mass.

If you live up by the Cape, come by these shops at those times to take the ride of your life on our cycle! And if you were just looking for a day to escape to the Cape? Make it next Tuesday, June 9th and include a fun, free spin around sunny Provincetown in your vacation day!


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Benefits of our Tricycle

As someone who works in the bicycle industry, I’m constantly browsing online at what’s new in the industry, what’s happening today, and what people are talking about. I recently came across an intriguing image that shows the benefits of a bicycle. Most of the benefits mentioned are not what you would typically think of; they aren’t specific to a particular bike, but more about the enjoyment you can get from riding a bike, such as “puts a big fat smile on your face” or “whizzes past traffic jams.”

I enjoyed the picture and quotes so much that I decided to create one about our tricycle. Although all of the statements on the ‘Benefits of a Bicycle’ image also apply to our tricycle, I wanted to point out all of the advantages of an American Eagle tricycle over other products on the market. Enjoy! And if you think of any other good ones feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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Hello world!

Welcome to American Eagle Cycles blog: The American Eagle Cycologist! This blog is about the struggles we’re going through to start a small business, starting a new American manufacturing company, the development of our new adult tricycle, health and fitness, and anything else related to cycling.

My name is Lisa Lococo and I’m the primary writer for The American Eagle Cycologist. I am the Product Development Manager at American Eagle Cycles and have been working on the development of this business/product since January 2010. I will be keeping you updated on the progress of our new adult tricycle and the obstacles we encounter along the way. I am excited to be able to share my experience with you and I hope that you will share any comments or questions you have with me!


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