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Benefits of our Tricycle

As someone who works in the¬†bicycle¬†industry, I’m constantly browsing online at what’s new in the industry, what’s happening today, and what people are talking about. I recently came across an intriguing image that shows the benefits of a bicycle. Most of the benefits mentioned are not what you would typically think of; they aren’t specific to a particular bike, but more about the enjoyment you can get from riding a bike, such as “puts a big fat smile on your face” or “whizzes past traffic jams.”

I enjoyed the picture and quotes so much that I decided to create one about our tricycle. Although all of the statements on the ‘Benefits of a Bicycle’ image also apply to our tricycle, I wanted to point out all of the advantages of an American Eagle tricycle over other products on the market. Enjoy! And if you think of any other good ones feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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Patent Certificate Arrived!

Today was a very exciting day for American Eagle Cycles. Our patent was issued on February 14, 2012 and today the official certificate arrived. Although we knew our patent was accepted, it didn’t seem official until today.

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