Hello world!

Welcome to American Eagle Cycles blog: The American Eagle Cycologist! This blog is about the struggles we’re going through to start a small business, starting a new American manufacturing company, the development of our new adult tricycle, health and fitness, and anything else related to cycling.

My name is Lisa Lococo and I’m the primary writer for The American Eagle Cycologist. I am the Product Development Manager at American Eagle Cycles and have been working on the development of this business/product since January 2010. I will be keeping you updated on the progress of our new adult tricycle and the obstacles we encounter along the way. I am excited to be able to share my experience with you and I hope that you will share any comments or questions you have with me!



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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Eileen Fitzgerald

    I saw the write-up in the Republican newspaper and am happy to see that such a product exists and is also manufactured locally. Three details that I think are missing are a picture or dimensions of what the storage bin looks like, the length of the cycle (to determine where to store it), and is there a way to place a lock on it when not in use so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands when stopping at a store. The price is a bit steep to say I’d run out and buy one today without first verifying if it could be safely used on the streets of Springfield but it is definitely something to consider. I love the idea and can’t wait to see the product!

    • Hi Eileen, thank you for your interest in the trike. The trike is 84″ long and it can fit in a standard bicycle rack with a lock. We have included a safety flag standard with all trikes to increase visibility for those using them on the road. We are updating our website and I will be sure to add the information you requested so that others aren’t left with the same questions. We are currently scheduling appointments for people to come test ride the trike, please call us at 413-562-7200 if you would like to schedule a time. Thanks!!

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